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Eldur í Húnaþingi


As we prepare for the 16th year of Eldur í Hunthingi, it seems apt to take this time to reflect on the ideas that inspired what has become a vital annual event here in Hunthing vestra.
Eldur is more than a festival. It is an ever-evolving expression of our community – a celebration of our past and an investment in our future in Hunthing vestra. A time when we can come together to enjoy the simplicity of simultaneous existence. A time to be with family, meet old and new friends, listen to great music, feed our brains and enjoy the summer sun. Held every year since it’s inception in 2003, Eldur has become a much anticipated community event among residents and visitors alike.
Community means different things to different people. For some it is geographical, for others it is a coming together over common interests. For me it is both of these things combined, with an overriding sense of place, acceptance, and support. We are all part of several communities simultaneously. Some feel more connected than others, but never doubt that we are all connected.
It is my belief that Eldur acts as a connector within our larger geographical community – bringing people of different interests, backgrounds, nationalities, and age groups together through the opportunity of shared experience.
Each year the festival manager brings their own perspective to the table as the planning begins. The range and breadth of interests, personalities, and experiences of all the managers and volunteers since the first festival have given birth to a special combination of community and cultural activities – from top Icelandic bands and performances, to the sharing of skills in classes taught by local experts.

The festival presents a broad range of opportunities for engagement and participation, a challenging prospect for even the most experienced of festival directors. And it does so whilst being largely dependent on the time and inclination of volunteers, creating a festival which is deeply rooted in it’s community.
I have been delighted to work with the dedicated and enthusiastic planning committee and volunteers this year and am incredibly excited by the programme we have put together for you – a diverse combination of events that has been handpicked to pique the interest of, we hope, everyone. We have some new activities this year including a selection of events for families with small babies and the inclusion of two award winning international performances – Body Rhythm Factory and Tatterdemalion. We also have two art exhibitions created by local teens and kids which will be on display through the duration of the festival, pop- up experiences and exhibitions, and many of the most popular events from previous years returning for your enjoyment.

And so, without further ado, I leave you to browse the programme and I look forward to seeing you at the festivities and beyond.

Gleðilegt hátíð!

Greta Clough
Artistic Director, Eldur í Hunthing 2018


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